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     Welcome to my 1st Gen Suzuki Katana - S website, supporting 1981, 1982, 1983 and 1984 classic Suzuki katana gs(x) 750s,gs(x) 1000s and gs(x) 1100s motorcycles.

     If you are interested in videos, parts, custom builds, pictures and technical information that will help you with customizing and updating your Suzuki Katana motorcycle, you may find inspiration here. If your just motorcycle enthusiast, you may still find this site interesting.
    Along with pictures of custom katanas, you will find information about upgrades, custom modifications and parts to help with your own katana build. I have shared much of what I have learned over the years of building katanas from the ground up. There is information about specifications, wiring, gearing and suspension and much more.

I am often asked if my bike is new, not because its clean and fresh looking but because the timeless lines of the bike. Especially when she is outfitted with modern suspension and wheels. Few people would look at the picture above and guess that the bike is a 1983 vintage. Enjoy the site!
     This site was born out of my passion for the Suzuki Katana. I bought my first Katana brand new in 1982. It was a GS1100sz here in Canada. This motorcycle is the same model as the GSX1100SZ in Europe.

I built my first custom kat and posted the build on line back in the '90s and just kept building.
     In 1981 Suzuki produced one of the most important motorcycles ever made. The Suzuki Katana is the grandfather of the modern sport bikes today. With its extraordinary lines and sleek design, the Suzuki katana became a legend among motorcycle enthusiasts. Even today, over three decades later, this big kat is still being hunted by old and young alike to restore and customize.

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